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Jul 13, 2021

C. F. Jackson has been a long-time NAMS Community member and we've watched her build a massive presence for herself and her clients using the Roku TV platform in unique ways to build her own network.



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C.F. Jackson has assisted entrepreneurs, authors, and startups to position their brands, products, and services for over 14 years by way of online, i.e., social media, email marketing, and search engine optimization.

In recognizing the new economy and new technology in 2013, she now helps take business coaches, experts, and entrepreneurs from the saturated world of YouTube to television. How? C.F. Jackson discovered the game-changing media distribution platform called Roku Streaming Player. Roku and the likes allow entrepreneurs to dominate their industry, expand their brand, validate their expertise, and increase sales in a way that was once only for the super-rich. With the creation of the iDefine TV Roku channel, it's her mission to rebuild television (using Roku and the likes) with content created by entrepreneurs and experts like you.

Ms. Jackson has many accolades, such as interviewing actor and film director Romany Malco, actress Regina Hall, actress and comedian Sherri Shepherd, and NFL player Demario Davis to name a few. She has also been in published Entrepreneur Magazine. It is her mission to help 5K entrepreneurs redefine TV globally on Roku. Feel free to learn more by visiting